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Affiliated Cerebral Palsy Registers


CP Registers affiliated with the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register share the same minimum data set.

In the future as these CP registers become more established it is planned that opportunities for shared research and reporting between the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register and these new CP registers will be possible.

Bangladesh Cerebral Palsy Register

Child Sight Foundation (CSF), Bangladesh
House 9, Flat A1& B3, Road 2/1 Banani
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register

Paediatric Orthopaedics, Starship Children’s Health
Park Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Phone: +64 09 3074949 Ext 21898

Sri Lankan Cerebral Palsy Register

Department of Disability Studies
Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya
Sri Lanka