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Australian Cerebral Palsy Register Group and international CP Register visitors (2012)
Front L-R: Sue Stott (NZ), Anna Mackey (NZ), Michael Msall (US), Shona Goldsmith, Catherine Gibson,
Middle R-L: Paul Novak, Michael Shevell (Canada), Annette Majnemer (Canada), Sarah McIntyre, Eve Blair, Robyn
Sheppard, Back L-R: Hayley Smithers-Sheedy, Michael DeLacy, Iona Novak, Jennifer Fry, Sue Reid, Christalla Louca

Australian Cerebral Palsy Register

The Australian Cerebral Palsy Register is an Australia-wide collection of statistics on cerebral palsy from the states and territories of Australia. The Register collects information about individuals with cerebral palsy who were born in or reside in Australia. At present, NSW, ACT, Queensland and Tasmanian data is being collected via this website. Please go to the Contact Us screen and use the relevant contact details to notify a record from another state or territory.

The register is managed at the national level by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Each state and territory manages their own comprehensive database but contributes a nationally agreed minimum data set to the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register.

Each state and territory CP Register is managed locally, so in WA data collection is managed by WA Register of Developmental Anomalies, in NSW and the ACT data is managed by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, in Victoria data is managed by The Royal Children's Hospital and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, in SA the Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service, Women’s & Children’s Hospital is responsible for managing the South Australian data, The Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland is responsible for Queensland data, the CP Alliance in collaboration with St Giles is responsible for Tasmanian data and The Centre for Disease Control (NT Department of Health) manages the NT data.

The Australian CP Register Group state and territory members are as follows:
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales: Nadia Badawi, Isabelle Balde, Shona Goldsmith, Petra Karlsson, Sarah McIntyre*, Iona Novak*, Hayley Smithers-Sheedy* Northern Territory: Keith Edwards, Emily O’Kearney* Queensland: Michael deLacy*, Christalla Louca South Australia: Catherine Gibson*, Rosie Rice, Heather Scott Tasmania: Kirsty Bartlett-Clark, Eliza Maloney*, Madeline Rowell Victoria: Elaine Meehan, Dinah Reddihough, Sue Reid* Western Australia: Eve Blair*, Noula Gibson, Sarah Love, Linda Watson*
*Policy Group

New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register

The New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register is a database of clinical information about CP. We aim to collect health information about everybody with CP in New Zealand. Information will include birth details; description of your CP and how it affects your physical functioning.

The NZ CP Register collects information via the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register website (ACPR). The Australian Register is a well-established Register and is one of the largest in the world. NZ information will only be visible to NZ CP Register staff.

People with CP and their whānau / families can enrol in a number of ways:

  • Log on to the NZ CP Website: cpregister.com to self register
  • Contact the NZ CP Register (see details on the Contact Us screen) and they can register your details
  • Contact your local physician / therapist to obtain a consent form